Progressive Slots by Microgaming

Microgaming logoMicrogaming is by far one of the best software developers to ever hit the online gambling industry. Their software is always next generation and their games constantly provide you with a thrilling gambling experience. The more thrilling and action packed games you will come across for Microgaming in their line of progressive slot games.

The Games

One of the best kinds of slot games that Microgaming has to offer to their players is progressive slot games. Every single player who loves to gamble online and play slot machine games will say that there is no better game than a progressive slots machine game. The reason for this is because these progressive slot games come with huge jackpots that every player will have the equal opportunity to win. These jackpots can range anywhere from five thousand dollars to more than one million dollars depending on which Microgaming progressive slots game you are playing. Either way each and every single one of the Microgaming progressive slot games come jam packed with a huge jackpot for the players to win.

Microgaming has a series of slot games called Mega Moolaa. These series of slot games are the main progressive slot games that Microgaming has available to their licensees and loyal fans. Each one of the games comes with four different progressive jackpots for the players to win. One jackpot will be a mini jackpot, the second will be a small jackpot, the third will be a large jackpot and the final progressive jackpot will be the maximum jackpot. Either way no matter what one you win you will find yourself with a lot of extra money in your pockets which everyone loves.

Network Jackpots

Every single one of the Microgaming progressive jackpots will run on a network. What this means is that there could be thousands of players playing another one of the Microgaming progressive slot games while you are playing a completely different Microgaming progressive slots game. There will be one thing these two games have in common and that one thing is that the players will be looking at the same progressive jackpots. This means two people contributing towards the jackpot from different online casinos.

We hope you start to play one of the many Microgaming based progressive slot games. We are more than confident that you will enjoy the experience you have while playing and you will love the money that you can win.

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