Health Benefit from Cycling

Major benefits specifically health benefits is associated with cycling and it is well worth looking at when decisions is made to lead a healthier existence.

It is one of the easiest exercises and can be done anywhere. Cycling is not season specific and the sport is not expensive. Benefits includes that it can be done at hours that suits the individual and cuts out expensive health club costs. The sport is suited for the individual, family or in groups. Many who enjoy the sport also enjoy down time playing pokies, especially those themed around it. A good place to stop and visit to find games of this nature is They offer an article specifically about slots that have a cycling theme.


Cycling offers cyclist great overall muscle toning and strength that involves every part of the body and promotes balance and fitness. Muscle function is gradually improved without overstrain. Regular cycling promotes mobility of hips, knee joints and strengthens legs. Visible improvement shows in thighs, hips, rear and legs. lists 10 reasons why one should join in on this sport and mention how it is a great way to get out and enjoy the day.

It is a great way to build stamina while enjoying spending time outdoors, without even noticing it, cyclist takes longer and longer rides as they get fitter and concentrates less on the distance and more on the scenery. Cycling increases heart rate in a steady manner and improves fitness. Studies have found that cardiovascular fitness increased up to 7% while the sport works large muscle groups and raises the heart rate, benefiting fitness and stamina.

If you would like to burn off those unwanted pounds, cycling is the answer and burns around 300 calories per hour, 11 pounds a year is burned with every day cycling of just 30 minutes. It boosts metabolic rate while building muscle. It improves coordination as the arms, legs, hands, feet and eyes improves and great balance is developed. British Medical Association revealed that 20 miles of cycling a week reduces heart disease by 50%. Studies on 10,000 civil servants suggested that active cyclist had half the risk of heart decease compared to non-actives.
Cycling is a great stress releaser and is highly advised to people suffering from depression, it improves self-esteem and overall well-being. Cyclists feel refreshed after a ride in nature and at the same time feels the energy as the muscle tones. It sure is a confidence builder and a great discussion topic.

It is always advisable to consult with your doctor before starting to enjoy cycling or any other form of exercise, which will advise you on limits and how to slowly get into a healthy routine. Cycling is one of the top training activities which provides aerobic and endurance without putting too much strain on the body. While it may be in the beginning a little difficult to get up the steep hills, soon it will be a breeze and people go longer distances without even noticing it, so fitness levels increases without strain.

On rainy days indoor cycling can be done at health clubs and a great programme would include cycling about 3 times a week depending on the capabilities of the cycler. It is highly advised to gradually increase speed and distance. Firstly enjoy your new program and the great outdoors as the rest will follow as your fitness increases.

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