If you are passionate about cycling then join GodricCycling Club. The club provides all vital information you need to know about cycling and an added advantage is that members can post their cycling experiences and share it with other members from all over the world. This cycling club covers variety of areas such as providing guides on how to cycle safely as well as getting the right bike for you cycling activities.

Another added advantage is that you can also ask the experts here and we will gladly assist you with anything you need to know about cycling. The cycling club is here for everyone who is passionate about cycling and needs to keep informed with new information of the happenings around the cycling activities. According to your area, the site can link you up with various cyclists close to your area and you can enjoy cycling as groups and this can be a good way of keeping fit.

An added advantage is that this site creates a social atmosphere at which you get to meet various cyclists from all over the world and sharing their cycling experiences. If you are new to cycling clubs, then feel at home while on our site as we will guide you with all the necessary material for you to get started.

We also offer guides on the types of bikes to purchase as well as maintaining your bike. You will get to learn a lot of tricks to maintain your bike and this will help you save your money than visiting the mechanics. You should always buy a bike that suits you and never try to compromise on quality. Instead of buying any bike you see cheap on the market, try to take the model of the bike and check if the spare parts are available and affordable. You also need to consider the durability of the bike. If the model is not available anywhere nearby, you can post it on our site and we will try to find a cyclist who has had experience with the similar bike.

A good advantage of the club is that we also help you to keep fit thereby providing you with a variety of ways to exercise with your bike thereby keeping fit. We also provide diagrams of how to keep fit and the club also encourages you to cycle with your friends, family members and not to forget your kids. Kids will certainly love cycling with their parents and we provide guides on safety, how to cycle with your kids, and many more. The more you keep reading our guides is the more you will learn and get to understand that cycling is a lot more fun than just parking your bike and leave it corrode in the garage.

You can also like our page and tell your friends about us. If you also have something to share, why not post it on our site and you may be able to assist someone who will be involved in your similar situation that you experienced.

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