Cycling Health Benefits

Cycling, as described by Oxford dictionaries, provides a range of health benefits which includes building strength, muscle tone, easiest way to exercise, stamina, calorie burn and cardio vascular fitness. Classified as an easy way to exercise includes the freedom to ride and cycle almost everywhere, at any time of the year and without risk to spend a fortune. While most people are put off from certain sports because of high level skill involvement, or the team commitment and time pressures, cycling is something we all have mastered as youngsters and is a skill you never forget and time pressures is eliminated as all you need is a bike, a bit of confidence and the odd hour here and there.

Cycling is also a great strength builder and promotes muscle toning, unlike the contrary perception that cycling concentrates solely on legs it also builds strength in a holistic manner and overall muscle toning takes place as every part of the body is involved during cycling. Muscle toning is improved with little risk of over strain and regular cycling is a great way to strengthen leg muscles and for hip and knee mobility. Regular cycling shows muscle tone improvements on thighs, legs, rear and hips. Cycling is a great and fun way to build stamina and very effective as the outdoors allows cyclers to unnoticeably prolong their rides without concentrating on the distances. Cardio vascular fitness is achieved by the steady manner that cycling provides to heart regularity. Studies have shown that a cycling trip to work will give an increased cardiovascular of between 3 – 7% fitness. With cycling using the largest muscle group, fitness and stamina benefits from an increased heart rate.


Should you wish to loose extra pounds, cycling is the way. At a steady pace cycling burn about 300 calories per hour. Cycling for 30 minutes would burn 11 pounds per years if you do it every day. With its muscle building qualities it boost metabolic rate for long periods after riding. British Medical Association reported that 20 miles a week of cycling reduces the risk of coronary disease of the heart by 50%. 10,000 servants was part of the test and the ones who cycled for 20 miles per week had half the risk of heart disease than the non-cyclers. It also improves coordination.

Stress is greatly reduced and cycling improves self-esteem and well-being. With cycling taking you outdoors it is a great way to be in nature and take your mind off the everyday stress. Incorporation the sport into a fitness program, brings a few considerations to light and it is advisable to consult your doctor. Once you are clear it is time to engage into cycling as part of an overall fitness program, which will provide aerobic training and endurance. Beginners is advised to start slowly and gradually increase the intensity. Cycling is great fun and it’s important to get the best equipment. Kneepads, headgear and elbow pads is needed.

Cycling is one of the best ways to claim the most benefits for an all-round fitness program that firstly releases stress, takes you out into nature, burns calories, built on your strength and tone muscles. Get into cycling for both physical and mental health, you owe it to your body. You can take this hobby you enjoy outdoors and translate it into online entertainment as well today due to the inclusion of cycling being added as a theme for many online slots. One of those promoting online gaming entertainment is This site is dedicated to the responsible promotion of special casino bonuses as well as sin-depth articles relating to the types of games one can play such as a recent article titled List of Bicycle Themed Slots. Take time to visit and read this article and you may find a new favorite past time while doing so.

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