Cycling Related Deaths Increase in NY State

New York State has announced today that cycling related deaths have increased by 6.2% over 2015. This announced was made with regret as NY State a number of years ago took on a state wide ad campaign which encouraged their citizens to practice safe driving with their bicycles as well, not just their vehicles.

Throughout the state a total of 112 people were killed on their bicycles compared to last year. It seems that cycling related deaths across the United States of America are becoming a more common thing, a large portion of cycling related deaths are due to drunk drivers as well. These two issues which now co-inside with one another are increasing throughout the entire country, the most now within New York State.


This has caused for Government officials to re-enact the ad campaign program; they’ll also have various government employee’s go to every school in the state in order to teach students about safe cycling. Those whom wish to gain their license will now also have to go through a part of the test which practices safe driving in relation to cyclists. Not passing these questions will result in not receiving your license.

If these precautions take into effect then it’ll possibly save hundreds of lives across the state, seeing these numbers go down in NY State would possibly cause for other states to take the same precautions into effect. Hopefully with NY States efforts, thousands of lives across the country can be saved and cycling can once again become a safe hobby for all to enjoy.


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