Toronto Bettering It’s Year-Round Cycling

Toronto, Ontario, one of the largest cities in Canada is starting to pave the way for large cities across the country when it comes to year long cycling. Vancouver is also known for its year long cycling but it seems that Toronto is beating them out this year. The reasoning for this is because new winter bicycle lanes are being built along all major downtown streets including Queen’s Way. All of these new bicycle lanes will be plowed during a snowfall as well to ensure the safety of cyclists in Toronto.

Toronto, Ontario

Richmond, Adelaide, Sherbourne and Queen’s Way are all receiving new Bicycle lanes. This’ll allow for cyclists to roam around downtown Toronto without any worries. All other bicycle lanes that are still open in the winter will also be plowed. Bloor Street is the next on Toronto’s list for a cyclist lane. The Bloor Street lane will connect to Shaw Street & Avenue Road. These are slated to come in 2016 which’ll surely help avid cyclists with their daily commute.

Cycling is becoming a more evident form of transportation for Torontonians as living in downtown in now the norm. Accessing downtown through public transportation of bicycle’s has become a major goal for Toronto’s Mayor John Tory. Many are saying that the mass infrastructure relating to this year-round cycling is due to the fact that other notable cities in Canada such as Vancouver & Edmonton were already designing these cycling lanes. Toronto could not fall behind or they’d receive backlash like never before.


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