Cycling in the winter at 40% in Canada

It appears that Canadians are becoming more resilient to the winter as time goes on. Cycling is something that allows for people to have an alternate form of transportation from the normal use of motorized vehicles or public transit. Unfortunately in Canada there are four to six months of winter depending on the year, this means that most people choose to opt out their bicycles for public transit. The amount of people choosing to continue bicycling through this harsh climate is rising though, it’s now risen to 40% of Canadians across the country.


There are benefits and negatives when it comes to riding a bicycle in the winter. The obvious benefits would be the few moments where there isn’t any wind chill, light snow falling and nothing but quiet surrounds you. This is when winter becomes most beautiful & viewing it from a bicycle is one of the best ways to immerse yourself in that weather. Unfortunately the rest of the time consists of ice, harsh snow blowing down onto the rider and of course the damage that’ll come to the bicycle via the snow. Eventually that snow will either melt or freeze over on the bike, this in return can cause damage in the gear or spokes.

None the less when all of the negatives in the way, forty percent of Canadians still choose to ride their bicycle during the winter seasons. Analysts believe that this is being done in order combat the effects of global emissions. Getting frost bite, slipping on ice & possibly damaging yourself beyond repair is not worth it.


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