Vancouver Bicycle Registration Program into Effect!

It’s happened to almost everyone, that all too well feeling of knowing that your bicycle or some form of transportation has been stolen. Unfortunately due to the fact that Vancouver, one of the more stunning cities in Canada is pro-biking there has been a large amount of stolen bicycles in recent months. Due to this the Vancouver Police Department have taken it upon themselves to start the “Bicycle Registration & Recovery Program”.

Vancouver Police Department

This new program is being headed up by one or the original creators of the Xbox. Back in 2011 his vastly expensive bicycle was stolen which after for a number of years where he didn’t know what he wanted to do he realized his new goals. That new goal being to work alongside major cities to increase protection of these vehicles. Those whom don’t believe that bicycles aren’t a massive form of transportation in metropolises are foolish. Public transport and bicycles is a far cheaper form of transportation than owning a car.

This new program only takes five minutes to register for, when you are finished registering with this new program you’ll be sent a decal that can quite literally not be ripped off or painted over in any manner. This new decal is created directly by the Xbox creator & will allow for hundreds to be re-united with their bikes.
The decal is also going to act as a sign to warn off thieves. The Xbox owner also wants to take it upon himself to create an affordable chip that’d cost only $10 and would be secretly placed onto the bike. These chips could be tracked and allowed for bicycles to be found in that day.


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