1.5 Million Bicycles Recalled

A total of 1.5 Million Bicycles are being prompted for a recall due to a crash hazard that comes from the front disc brakes & quick release levers. This recall has a total of thirteen manufacturers & distributors involved, a dozen brands have been affected in the process of this recall including Diamondback and Jamis.


This was no small issue either as the quick release level, which allows for the bike to come to a complete halt in a seconds time made contact with the front disc brake, this in return would cause for the front wheel to seize up. In return multiple owners of this back have crashed, causing serious or minor injuries in the process. This specific bicycle itself has been sold in Bicycle stores nationwide since 1998. This basic bicycle could be the cause for life threatening injuries, deaths and more.
Since this information is coming to light it’s suspected that multiple people who’ve experienced life altering injuries from this product will be suing all thirteen companies involved in its development. Apparently a total of 1.3 Million were sold within the United States while 245,000 were sold in Canada. Only 9,000 were sold in Mexico.

Consumers will be getting a free installation of the new quick release they’ve designed. All bicycles will be returned after all 1.5 Million have been repaired. There is no word as of right now as to how much this recall will be putting back each one of these companies. Hopefully not to many lawsuits come out of this issue as it could result in thirteen companies going bankrupt and hundreds of jobs being lost.


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