Alberta Cyclists Wish to Change Laws

Alberta Cyclists, more Edmonton based bikers specifically have begun to express that they want new biking laws to be put into place by the government. One law in particular called “The Idaho Stop Law” which essentially allows for vehicles moving under 20km to not be required to make a full stop, instead they can travel through the intersection on their own accord.


These individual cyclists state that when riding a bicycle you easily can slow down to 5km or lower, you have easy visibility and can determine yourself if to pass through the intersection. This is already something that is done by all bikers in Edmonton and a large amount of people in the city have been fined for doing it. Many cyclists have even stated that these laws aren’t purposely changed so that law enforcement can continue to meet their monthly quota, something law enforcement say is a myth but ex law enforcement confirm to be true.

None the less this is a law which has been put in place within most states in the US, it seems pointless not to have to same law within Canada as it is clear that those riding a vehicle that moves at relatively low speeds can make the simple decision to stop upon seeing traffic come through the intersection. Edmonton Government Officials are looking into making the Idaho Stop law a reality, if they approve it than government officials for the province of Alberta will do the same thing & it could potentially even become a country wide law in the future.


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