Cycling Embodied Into Urban Landscape

Bicycles are often considered to be a method of transportation for children but within an urban landscape such as New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, Toronto or London these bicycles have become a part of regular day to day life for adults, teenagers and children. Cycling lanes are now apparent in all of these cities, allowing for citizens to travel an economic way instead of using the cramped streets with their motor vehicles.


Apparently the United Kingdom appears to be the largest market for cyclists as of right now. The reasoning for this is because cities within the U.K. tend to only be ten minutes apart from one another as the island is so small, this has allowed for many people to turn their ten minute car drive into a one hour bicycle ride. This just hasn’t allowed for a cleaner environment but has also allowed for the obesity rate to drop by an astonishing amount. As of right now this industry within the United Kingdom is estimated to be worth $1.93 Billion each year.

Bicycles are quickly becoming embodied into urban day culture. It’s no longer just being considered as a method of transportation but it is also being considered as a lifestyle choice. The premium bicycles are just as expensive as a car, it is no different than owning a premium smartphone or sports car. It becomes more than what it is, it becomes a lifestyle choice that shows a bit of who that person is.
The revilement of how much this industry is worth a year has also excited accessory suppliers and chain stores as well.


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