Larger Cities in Canada Embracing Bicycle Lanes

There is an array of different large cities in Canada. The most commonly known ones are Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal which all have bicycle lanes for their mass amount of citizens to ride on. Unfortunately an array of other large cities in Canada don’t offer bicycle lanes for their ever growing amount of citizens who wish to use bikes are a reliable form of transportation.

Bicycle Lanes

This is why the Canadian Government has revealed that they are working alongside cities such as Ottawa, Saskatoon, Edmonton, Winnipeg and Calgary in order to bring more than 400 Km of bicycle lanes within each city. This would promote a much healthier life style within these cities which is the main concern of the government. Bringing a healthier life style within the city allows for more urban growth, youth and more to enter the city. One of the first cities that are on board with this is Winnipeg which has already begun to create these bicycle lanes within the city. Unfortunately for roughly three to four months of the year these lanes won’t be used due to the fact that Canada has to experience winter. None the less these bicycle lanes have proven to be a must have within large urban cities in Canada.

Bicycle Lanes weren’t a reality in Toronto less than three decades ago, to see the Canadian Government make such an effort to promote a healthier life style amongst their citizens in an astonishing peek to reach but is none the less possible.


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