High Tech Bicycle Helmet Saves Lives

Technology is only continuing to be shown as an incredible thing. Proof of this is with a new company by the name of “ICEdot”, who have created a new product by the same name. This new product allows for a small sensor to be attached to the helmet, whenever someone falls the sensor will determine the severity of that fall and if it reaches a certain level a text will be sent out to loved ones asking for help.


This is by far one of the best inventions to come out for cyclists in years, especially those who prefer to ride their bicycles during the night when drivers aren’t paying attention to the side of the road. This product is now reaching the entire Northern America market and has already saved a number of lives such as Gena Briggs, a woman at age thirty three who was riding at night time where her back tire from struck by the front bumper of a car & she flew twenty feet ahead of her. The sensor determined the severity of that fall, sent the help text to her husband and the location. Upon which she was unconscious and the late night driver had left.

The value of a product such as this one for major cyclists holds no boundaries or limits. Instead it only enhances the experience of riding as you feel another level of safety if you were to have an accident. This new sensor works with all phones running the Android, Apple or Windows software. The device just must have a Bluetooth connector within it.


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