Bicycle’s To Be Intelligent

Bicycle’s will soon before far much more safer and a more reliable form of transportation in the upcoming years. It seems that engineers from the Netherlands are working on creating a Bicycle that could be mass produced and be completely intelligent.


When these engineers say intelligent they mean that this bicycle would be able to go at 35 kilometer’s an hour and have a GPS System built into it that would track the movement of the bicycle. A High Definition Camera at the front of the bicycle would allow for the GPS System to see everything coming it’s way and the tires on the bicycle would be computer sensitive, allowing for the GPS/Computer Console to read the movement of the bike & any potential treats. This new vehicle will also be running on electricity based technology, no gasoline will ever be needed in order to power this new bicycle.

This could prove to be a major invention that would allow for people who cannot afford a car. It’s an idea that is ambitious but could prove to be something that would greatly help those in need of a transportation vehicle but are on a limited income. There is no word as of right now as to when these new bicycle’s will be coming to the worldwide market as their still in development stage as of right now. The Engineers have said that the basic model which would come which everything listed above would cost $999.99 in a Northern American based market. This is more than affordable and some bicycle’s currently on the market cost more than that currently.


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