Bicycle Destroys Ferrari

Francois Gissy, a famous Swedish daredevil has done something never before done in human history and has set a new world record for himself. Mr. Gissy had a custom bicycle made which had a rocket attached onto the end of the bike, allowing for this bicycle to propel at extremely fast speeds. After testing it a number of times Francois challenged a Ferrari 430 Scuderia, one of the fastest Ferrari’s in existence. The results of this race were more than positive for Mr. Gissy.


As they started the race you could hear the Ferrari begin to roar and then you heard the rockets turn on, a slight buzzing sound emitting from its ends. As both of these vehicles took off you saw the rocket propelled bicycle fly by the Ferrari. It took Francois a total of 4.8 seconds to reach 333km/h. This is an incredible speed, after only a second you lose vision of the Ferrari and wonder where the bike is going.

It only took 6.8 seconds in order to complete a quarter mile of this bicycle, though it is an extremely fast vehicle it still wouldn’t be reliable on a regular road as you could instantly lose control of this machine in a matter of a second by making the wrong move. None the less Francois Gissy now has completed the world record for fastest speed on a rocket power bicycle, he also held the previous record on another bicycle he had built a number of years ago. That bicycle only reached 263km/h.


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