California & Florida

There’s a good chance that if you live in California or Florida and you prefer Bicycling as your transportation you’ll be stricken by a car at some put in time. Over the course of the last year Bicycle Related Deaths have risen by 16%. This is thanks to the mass amount of traffic in both these states, traffic is so high that drivers aren’t aware of these Bicyclists presence.

In California alone this year there has been three hundred and thirty eight deaths from people being stuck by a car while riding their bicycle. Florida on the other hand has had three hundred and twenty nine people die from being stricken by a car, this isn’t anything to be proud of as it is only nine less than that of California. Nationally in the United States of America only 722, that means that across every other state in the USA only forty five people were hit. This confirms that those driving in the state of Florida & California aren’t qualified to have their licenses as they don’t pay attention to their surroundings or their distracted by a mobile device.

Florida and California have yet to reveal as to how they plan to resolve this issue. Anytime they’ve been asked by reporters the answer has always been “No Comment” which is leading the citizens to believe that their governments don’t care about their safety. Once more information is revealed regarding what California & Florida plans to do in order to resolve this issue will inform you of that information.


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