Calgary Bicycle Lanes

Calgary, one of the largest cities in Canada is considered to be one of the more beautiful cities in Canada. It is also considered to be one of the more safe cities for bicycle enthusiasts. None the less it appears that government officials in Calgary want it to be more safe for their citizens as now children and young teenagers are starting to use bicycles as a serious form of transportation ever since last year’s “Bike Safety Campaign” in Calgary.


This is why Calgary will now be undergoing major construction on every main road they have within the city. They’ll be changing the design of their roads so that they can make two new bike lanes going each direction for bikers. These lanes will be blocked off from the actual road with small concrete barriers. These barriers also add to the beauty of Calgary as they allow for more planter boxes. As of right now there are bike lanes in uptown Calgary, their used regularly at night and day by bikers from all around the city.

It’s unknown as to how long this construction will take, Calgary has a two year plan but it could take longer due to weather conditions, car crashes and so much more. Calgary can have very damaging winters which last longer than they normally would, this would put the project on hold for a number of months. We’ll keep you updated if anything changes regarding these new bicycle lanes being built in Calgary.


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