Bicycle Riding Safety Tips Campaign Going Across The Nation

Two months ago North Carolina proposed an idea that wouldn’t just benefit their state but would also benefit other states throughout the USA as well. North Carolina Police teamed up with the North Carolina Elementary School System in order to start a new campaign that would allow for children who don’t own a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and various other safety equipment to ensure their protection on the roads. This campaign would also include teaching children the rules and regulations of the roles as well as various safety tips they can use when they’re not on the sidewalk.

N Carolina

This campaign quickly grew in popularity across North Carolina and received more donations then ever expected. This in return caused new stations such as CNN and FOX8 to cover this story, interviewing children and authorities about the campaign. This caused a nationwide spark that has fueled other states into also having a campaign of their own very reminiscent of this one. States such as Florida, New York and California have all hoped on this campaign bandwagon. There has already been twenty thousand children that have received new helmets and various other safety gear for the road.

There has been a recent amount of bicycle collisions on the roads lately in the United States of America. This is what started North Carolina’s bicycle campaign and then sparked a nationwide campaign. This can only prove to be beneficial for students across the United States of America.


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