Bicycle Bandit

There has been a series of robbery’s recently in Adelaide, Australia. This man who has an unknown identity as of right now has been dubbed as “The Bicycle Bandit” as his vehicle of choice to escape from robbing these various banks is a simple Bicycle. Though it has been noted that this bandit does have incredible talent on a bicycle and it’s indeed hard to catch him while he is on the vehicle.


The Mount Pleasant Branches of Bank SA has been recently taken hostage on three separate occasions, yesterday being the third occasion. Each time it seems that this bandit knows every detail of the bank and the areas surrounding it. All the banks that have been hit are also located in Mount Pleasant, Adelaide which has made police officers suspect that this bandit lives in the area. During the last heist he pulled he fired several shots off into the roof to show people that he did intend to use harm if things didn’t go his way. Police have taken camera footage from each of the three locations and also have taken camera footage from surrounding locations of each of these three banks to see if they see any suspicious behavior.

Police believe that there is a good chance that someone will come out and inform them of who this person might be as each time he has had to carry a large bag of money on a bicycle to his hide out spot, someone must have seen him in the process.


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