Waldoboro Boy Hit By Truck

Tyler Wood, a 15 year old boy who lived in Waldoboro Maine died this weekend after he was struck by a truck while riding his bike. Tyler wasn’t killed upon impact but instead was sent by helicopter to the Maine Medical Centerin Portland. While on the surgery table he died after he got to speak with his parents one final time. Tyler’s friend Antonio Seccareccio who is fourteen was also struck by the truck but was able to survive the incident. He currently is still at the Maine Medical Center until doctors feel that he can return home with medication.

Maine Medical Center

Joseph Benedix, a man who also is from Waldoboro and knew the family, was driving without his headlights or regular lights on. He was driving on a completely dark road at 8:30 P.M into the night when he struck these two children. Mr. Benedix escaped the incident without any bruises or damage to himself. He has now been placed under arrest and the charges he has been charged with have yet to be revealed by Waldoboro Police. Mr. Benedix was also driving this truck illegally, it was stolen hours earlier from the Simmons Lobster Wharf of Friendship. Those who were connected to this incident are more than happy to know that Joseph Benedix will more than likely spend the rest of his long life as he is only twenty four in jail. We respectfully give our condolences to the Wood family, we hope that your son may rest in peace.


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