Bicycle Accident Injures 1 & Kills 1

A man and a woman riding their bikes last night in Northeast Columbus had a bicycle accident that forever will change their lives. The woman was killed after she and her male friend were struck by a car at Appian Way & Collier Drive. The dispatcher who was called by the male friend who at this point was in critical condition told the dispatcher that he was on the verge of death and that he was confident that his female counterpart had already passed. Once paramedics and police responded onto the scene the female had already been dead for eight minutes and the male friend was barely alive.

Ohio Health Grant Medical Center

The accident occurred at 10:12 last Friday. The driver had taken off but luckily for the man who now was being transported to the Ohio Health Grant Medical Center he was able to use his now cracked phone and take a picture of the license plate before he fled the scene. The man whose name is not being released by police officers apparently watched as the driver of the car inspected the scene, realized he had killed his female friend and then fled the scene. Police were able to find the driver of the car and he has now been placed under arrest.
Police are still questioning the man who took the life of this female fatale,. Sergeant Bruce Cobb said, “He has yet to reveal any information regarding what happened last Friday night. It seems that he believes that there isn’t any evidence pointing towards him when it’s quite the opposite.”


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