World Naked Bike Ride Event

That is correct, just as you read the world naked bike ride event which is held across seventy five different cities within the USA is being held this weekend. The title is self explanatory, thousands of individuals will take to the streets with their bikes riding around either fully naked or barely clothed. Those are the two options you have to choose from. This event isn’t for raising funds towards any specific cause, it is just meant to be something that you can get a rush off of. It has become famous around the globe, people from different countries come to America just to try out the experience.

NYC Naked

New York City will offer the first race which will be on June 20th, it’ll begin at Central Park and take riders all across the city. One of the locations that have been left from the route is Brooklyn as areas such as the Bronx are located within this section of the city. You can be ensured that this bike ride event will grasp the attention of media outlets and individuals from all around the world.

The United States of America isn’t the only country that participates in this bike riding event either. Twenty different countries around the world participate in this event including Britain. It is an event that is beloved by millions around the world and can be watched for your enjoyment through YouTube or other online sources.


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