Cycling Shops

Cycling Shops all around North America have begun to lose more profit within the last three years. As companies such as Target, Wal-Mart and Sportschek continue to focus more on their bicycle inventory it results in owners of those mom and pop shops losing profit. The majority of people choose to go to the big name stores as the bikes are more affordable for the daily consumer but what the consumer doesn’t realize is that they are buying a new bicycle every year for yourself or your children. The reason for this is because these Wal-Mart bicycles aren’t designed to last for a long period of time while the expensive mom and pop shop bikes are meant to last you for years on end.

Bike shop

Broadway Cycle, a high profile bicycle shop in Toronto Canada made a statement regarding this issue saying, “It is true that smaller bicycle shops lose profit due to companies such as Target and Wal-Mart. Even though we are well known across Southern Ontario we don’t have the volume that Target or Wal-Mart gets on a daily basis. What they get in one day is what we get in a week, for other bicycle shops that one day could be one month for them in terms of profit. This is a shame as business are lost, jobs are lost and a small part of local heritage is lost forever.”

This topic has been becoming more of a debated issue within larger cities such as Toronto, Chicago, New York City and Los Angeles. The reason for this is because these cities have a large amount of cyclists out on the roads, driving bikes that are unfit for biking in the city.


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