Star Wars Battlefront Will Appear At E3

The last Star Wars Battlefront game was released back in 2009 for the Nintendo DS and Playstation Portable. It’s nearly been ten years since a console version of the game has been released so last year when DICE revealed that their working on a new star wars battlefront game everyone went wild. The thought of Dice, the developers behind the realistic Battlefield series would be releasing a new battlefront game this year was something that everyone reveled in.

Star Wars Battlefront

As this point in time there is only a one minute teaser trailer video available for the new Star Wars Battlefront game. You see yourself in a first person view, running on the planet Hoth. Massive machines tower down upon you, speed cruisers fly between you and lasers are shooting in every director. During the one minute preview you get hyped up for this game and what it can be.

Dice announced today that they will be appearing at E3 this year, showcasing two new video games they’ve been working on for the last two years. These two new games include Star Wars Battlefront and Battlefield 5, though Battlefield 5 is just a rumor as no one knows what their other game might be. Dice noted that they will be showcasing gameplay footage from the main story line as well as multiplayer footage as well. The multiplayer footage will be sought out by millions of gamers around the world and will help make or break the future profit this game makes.


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