Playstation DualShock 4 Light Bar Explained

Sony, the company that is behind each one of the Playstations gave every one of their games a reason as to why the Playstation 4 Controller has a large light bar added to its design. Every gamer has been curious as to why Playstation would add a random light bar, everyone thought it was just an effect to make the controller look more appealing than all previous models.


Sony made an announcement regarding the light bar saying, “We know that our avid following of fans has been curious as to why we added a light bar on the top facing side of the Playstation 4 Controller. The reason for the light bar is because we wanted to expect that Virtual Reality will be a major player in the next coming years. The Blue Light Bar acts as a sensor for our future Virtual Reality headset, thus by allowing for the controller and headset to interact with one another perfectly. We know that as of right now it has no purpose other than looking cool.”

Essentially Sony confirmed that the Playstation 4 Controller also has the internals needed for virtual reality interaction. Thus by confirming that they’ve had the technology for a long period of time which means that Sony is closer to virtual reality then we thought. If you don’t like the bright blue light bar there is an option with the Playstation 4 Settings that allows for you to dim down to the light.


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