Tiki Temple Jackpot Won For £455,796

This month graced us with many jackpot wins and one of those jackpot wins was triggered at JackpotJoy, an online casino that focuses primarily on video slots in their portfolio of games. This lucky punter won £455,796 while paying Tiki Temple, one of the slots offered by the casino.
When this jackpot win first came to light upon the media there were no details pertaining towards this jackpot win. We now can report that this punter has figured out his financial situation and finally made a comment on his big win. This also marks the 23rd time that a jackpot has been won on Tiki Temple.

This punter, taking on the name of A.J made a statement saying: “Over time as you gamble online you lose confidence that you’ll ever win any large amounts of money. It’s a hobby that I’ve always enjoyed but I did lose my confidence that one day that money would be returned to me. Sure enough I was wrong and you do eventually get rewarded for your efforts. I plan to use the majority of this money towards buying a new house for my family, the rest will go towards a new Mini Van and our first family vacation.”

JackpotJoy also took the media stating, “This marks the 23rd time that a jackpot has been triggered on Tiki Temple. The game is constantly becoming more popular amongst out players and this allows for more jackpots to be triggered. We congratulate A.J and look forward to meeting our future winning punters.


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