Self-Exclusion Bill Passed Through New Jersey Assembly

Early on in February an Assemblyman from New Jersey created a bill that would allow for problem gamblers to self-exclude themselves from any form of online gambling in the state. This bill went through the State Assembly with a 77 – 0 passing vote.

Troy Singleton

This new bill that has now been put into effect allows for punters to exclude themselves from any online gambling related websites without having to reveal that they have a gambling problem. The previous bill wouldn’t allow for this and would force punters to try to face their problems. Those who choose to act upon this bill can exclude themselves for one year, five years or for a lifetime. As of right now there are 1,575 who have signed up for the new service offered by this bill.

Troy Singleton, the New Jersey Assemblyman who created this bill said: “This bill is meant to offer a service that is another option for those with a gambling problem but don’t want to admit it to family or close friends. It allows for them to have privacy while receiving help in their own way. It has already proven to be a success with only a few weeks of being in effect.”
Mr. Singleton continued saying, “Gambling can be an addiction and also a disease, it can destroy lives and a service such as this one can help problem gamblers overcome their problems. It is a step in the right direction of how we should regulate and operate online gambling in our state.”


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