Bulgarian Gambling Reform Bill Passes through Its Second Reading

Bulgarian Politicians have made advancements in their online gambling reform bill earlier on in the month. The bill just passed through its second reading which brings hope to online gambling in Bulgaria. This new bill being passed through its second reading means that the laws for online gambling that govern the country could be lightened soon or all together lifted. Allowing for online gambling to be legal and safe within their borders.

As of the right now the bill is meant to loosen up the restrictions that have taken place in the country for years now and the new bill would aim to have online casinos operate within their countries borders instead of being offshore. The key difference between the laws that are in place now and the new laws is that there would be a 15% tax increase on all gambling revenues for the casinos and a licensing fee of 20%. This would increase the amount of money casinos would have to spend in order to operate but it would also allow for them to gain more players within the country due to certain restrictions not being in place.

This new bill that just passed through its second reading would also effect land based casinos as well. Land based casinos would have to stop manufacturing, servicing or importing gambling machines from other countries as they could start buying them directly from slot developers within the country.


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