Four Arrested In Holland Online Gambling Sting

The police of Holland announced today that they have arrested four different people in connections to an illegal online gambling ring. The results of these arrests were a major dent being put into this gambling ring and their main operators put behind bars.

The four men who were arrested in November were located throughout the Netherlands in small towns to decrease the risk. Staying in a smaller and less populated area allowed for them to continue their operations without anyone questions them. The accused have been charged with money laundering over one hundred and ten million Euro’s through this gambling ring. Each one of these men gained thirty to fifty million Euro’s for their efforts.

The NL Times, a famous newspaper within Holland is now reporting that the main suspect from the series of raids is a man who resides from Geldrop, It has come out that him and his brother were the main owners, organizers and operators in this illegal betting ring.

Police who have been involved with this case since the very beginning have released information on this case. The information released includes a statement that says eighty houses/buildings have been seized with connection to this illegal gambling ring. The investigation is still undergoing as of right now, more arrests are said to be made as more evidence arises.


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