European Commission Initiates Infringement Action On Six States

The European Gambling Commission announced today that their putting in a Infringement Action Lawsuit against six states that reside within the European Union. These six states are being charged due to ignoring the internet gambling laws of Europe. These states include Poland, Cyprus, Lithuania, Romania and the Czech Republic. There have also been rumors of additional cases being launched by the European Commission against France, Hungary, Germany, Greece and the Netherlands. Each one of these countries have eight weeks to comply or face legal justice.

Commenting on this issue is the European Commission Secretary Maarten Haijer and he said, “We do not launch a case against one of the European States unless we are one hundred percent positive that our accusations are true. That way when we make the case it is just not an assumption on our behalf but actual facts. We want online gambling to be a factor in the European Economy but if the laws cannot be followed we will have to act. Safe online gambling will give everyone exactly what they want.”

The Remote Gambling Association CEO Clive Hawkswood agreed with Maarten and he replied saying, “We believe that this announcement made by the European Gambling Commission is the right step towards a safe, secure and honest gambling industry in Europe. We don’t want any more people to suffer from illegal online gambling and the European Commission is showing the world that if you want to perform illegal gambling activities in Europe you will have to face law and justice.


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