Isle of Man enforcing gambling act in 2014

The Isle of Man Gambling Act 2012 outlines a structure for online gambling operators, bookmakers, pool promoters and more. This single structure will allow for everything to be legal, safe and secure for the online gamblers/betters.

The Act was created in October of 2012 and this new act that was created last year will replace the old gambling duty act. This latest act will give Isle of Man better control over what is legal and what is illegal. It will also give them more power to watch over anyone who is potentially performing an illegal gambling ring and take appropriate action against those who carry out any illegal activities or those under the employ of those who are licensed.

This new gambling structure and act is supposed to come into effect next year in 2015. This act is anticipated by many licensees and online casinos. Everyone is curious to see what the new laws will be and how it’ll effect their everyday business.


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