Man pleads guilty for stealing money to gamble online and for buying drugs

All this happened in Exeter, England, where a man just went to prison for 4 months after he pleads guilty of stealing £22,528.33 from a client for which he had to do work and instead of doing the work he bought cocaine and gambled on the internet.

His name is Craig Scott, he is thirty years old and he is now guilty of theft. What makes him stand out of the crowd from the rest of the prisoners is that he had an unusual scope for stealing the money. He agreed with the client to do a job, he had to demolish a part of the client’s home. The job was paid in advance and partially completed, since he disappeared from the job.

What really happened was that Scott spent around £2,000 to buy cocaine and the rest of the money to gamble on the internet. The homeowner that spoke in front of the court was saying that his house has lost its value and it is now impossible to repair the damage done and they also can’t get the money to build the extension that they wanted.

Now Scott’s story ends with him in prison for the next 4 months.


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